NBREA 2021 Annual Conference- April 19 & 20

The New Brunswick Real Estate Association’s 2021 Annual Conference has come to an end. This virtual conference was a complete success with the help of many who helped to bring everything together. We would like to start off with thanking our Sponsors (listed below), without whom, so many parts of this conference could not happen. They made it possible to provide interpretation services, send out delegate packages/swag bags that we hope you all enjoyed and they provided the funds needed to bring in the incredible keynote speakers we invited for this year.

Hard decisions are required to be made for an event of this caliber and that is where the NBREA Event planning committee, comprised of volunteers from around the province stepped in to do their part. Meeting on a monthly basis, they were the decision makers in the planning process as well as the go getters when it came to sponsors and fundraiser prizes. A special thank you to the planning committee Chair, Michelle Roy who led her team toward a successful conference. Thank you to Andre Malenfant, Ruth Ferguson-Shaw, Robert Stewart, Fanny Bodart, Daniel Bourque, Chris Gallant, Susan Gormley and Sharon Watts for putting in the time and effort to create a successful virtual conference. As well, we appreciate Andre Malenfant and Vicki Carr for taking the time to come to Fredericton and present during the conference in person!

The University of New Brunswick Conference Services, alongside Aurora Productions created a seamless technical experience behind the camera, making the two days as easy as could be on the staff of NBREA.

So much goes on behind the scenes in the months leading up to and during the two days of a virtual conference of this size. With over 400 attendees, it takes a village. The NBREA staff worked together seamlessly throughout the planning and implementation of the conference.

Thank you to Helene Leclerc, Office Coordinator and Jane Girard, Financial Officer, who kept the office running, handling many administrative tasks behind the scenes. Also, a shout out to our Registrar, Mitch McLean who did the lifting and lugging of delegate packages when myself and our Special Projects Assistant just couldn’t lift any more.

Many of you saw Dwayne Hayes, Education Officer, on screen during the two day conference. What you may not know is how much work Dwayne put in behind the camera preparing for the education sessions AND running the technical side of the show during the Annual General Meeting.

You may have noticed a few pretty amazing videos that were created to honor our Dave Hawkins Award winners for 2020/2021 Wendy Hallihan and Jason Stephen as well as some sponsor videos and slides over the breaks. These videos and many other great content such as the conference brochure were created by NBREA’s Special Projects assistant, Fabiana Rosado who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Our REALTORS Care® online auction was also largely overseen by Fabiana. Many parts of this conference came together thanks to her dedication and efforts.

Lastly, but certainly not least, a leader who holds everything together in a calm and collected manner creates an atmosphere of smooth productivity and success. NBREA’s CEO Jamie Ryan motivated and supported everyone throughout this conference which ensured an outstanding event.

Thank you to everyone who made NBREA’s 2021 Annual Conference a success. It would not have been the resounding success that it was without you.

Kimothy Stewart, Communications and Events Officer

The 2021 Annual Conference is Sponsored by:

“This project is funded [in part] by the Government of Canada.”