Annual MCPD Requirements for Members


The Mandatory Continued Professional Development (MCPD) Course is offered every year at NBREA’s Annual Conference in the Spring. Members who do NOT attend and participate in the Conference must complete the MCPD course online before January 31 of the following year.

If NBREA’s records indicate that you did not attend and participate in the Annual Conference, you will be automatically registered for the online course.

Confirmation Email & Starting the Course

Beginning in September each year, all members required to take the course online will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail indicating they have been registered. A link to the course will follow this message as soon as the online course is available.

Simply click on the link to the course and use your Matrix login credentials to log in and begin.

Course Deadline

As directed by the Committee of Examiners, the annual deadline for completion of the mandatory education is January 31 of the following year.

Members who have not completed their MCPD education will be referred to the Office of the Registrar and shall be issued a Notice of Intent to Suspend Membership from NBREA.

Did you attend the NBREA Annual Conference this Year?

Members who attend and participate in NBREA’s Annual Conference, at which the MCPD Course is offered, are NOT required to complete the online course.

Did You Become a New Member this Year?

Because they have just completed their pre-licencing education, new members in any given year are not required to take the MCPD course. However, if you are a new member and you wish to take the annual course, simply contact the Director of Education by email for a complimentary registration.