REALTORS Care® Week Events!

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Previous REALTORS Care® Initiatives

New Brunswick REALTORS® Raise $4,675 for the John Wood Foundation

June 4, 2021- The New Brunswick Real Estate Association (NBREA) held a REALTORS Care® charity fundraiser during its Annual General Meeting and Conference in the spring to raise donations for the John Wood Foundation.

NBREA members and staff worked hard to promote an online auction and ticket draw for the Foundation. “With COVID-19 restrictions, we were concerned about how we were going to be able to raise money for the John Wood Foundation, but New Brunswick REALTORS® really stepped up to help,” said NBREA Planning Committee Chair, Michelle Roy.

The John Wood Foundation focuses on raising money to benefit and enable people with significant disabilities to obtain the support they need to succeed in life, and its founder, John Wood, was grateful for the donation. “I’m so pleased that you did this for my foundation, it means so much. This will help a long list of applications tremendously,” he said.

A cheque in the amount of $4,675 was presented to the Foundation at John Wood’s family home. In attendance were: Foundation Founder John Wood, Foundation Vice President Randy Dickinson, NBREA CEO Jamie Ryan, NBREA Event Chair Michelle Roy, and NBREA Communications & Events Officer Kimothy Stewart.

We are so proud to serve members who care and give back to their community like ours do!

REALTORS® Raising Funds for New Brunswick Homeless Shelters

In honour of REALTORS Care® Week, the New Brunswick Real Estate Association (NBREA) has launched a “Buy a Night at a Shelter” challenge to its REALTOR® members to raise money for New Brunswick homeless shelters.

NBREA hopes that the donations, which are being collected via GoFundMe, will hit at least $5,000 for the week. Requested donations range anywhere from $10 – $100, although members can donate more if they wish.

“Amazingly, it only costs $10 to house one person for one night in a shelter in New Brunswick, “said NBREA Communications Officer and campaign coordinator Kimothy Stewart. “We are already seeing many generous donations come in, ranging from one night to 50 nights.”

2020 has been a difficult year for many, and particularly tough for homeless shelters. Due to COVID-19, shelters have been hit with additional financial strain in order to adjust to health and safety guidelines set out by the province, including the purchase of masks and sanitizer and, in some cases, funding for additional space necessary to accommodate physical-distancing beds rather than having to turn away those in need.

“We’ve had to reconfigure our space quite a bit and it’s had an impact on some of our other programs,” said Tony Dickinson of the Outflow Shelter in Saint John. Warren Maddox of Fredericton’s Homeless Shelters adds that the shelters feel a great sense of responsibility for getting a vulnerable population as “prepared and as ready to go as we can,” during a very difficult time. Both gentlemen were interviewed recently for NBREA’s News Podcasts.

NBREA and the local real estate Boards are pledging to work hard to support these efforts during REALTORS Care® Week. “We hope to raise both funds and awareness for helping those in need,” adds Ms. Stewart, who says she anticipates nothing less than a complete success with the fundraising challenge.