New Professionals Network

Disclaimer: The video was created before the mandatory use of mask and physical distancing practices were put into place. NBREA complies with the mandatory use of masks and has physical distancing measures in place to ensure the safety of our members.

The New Professional Network (NPN) is designed to connect and engage new REALTORS® to our members with more years of experience and expertise in the variety of fields in real estate. The NPN is meant to foster the relationship between the new REALTORS® of the future with our current members in order to develop their professional skills and their passion for leadership and volunteerism.

Identifying and engaging new REALTORS® early in their careers provides the local Boards and Association with a greater pool of potential leaders who will be capable of contributing in the long term.

The New Professionals Network for REALTORS® in New Brunswick addresses the new members request to connect with experienced salespersons in the field in order to learn tips that will help foster their professional careers. The NPN gives a space for experienced members and new REALTORS® to connect, share information on valuable resources, and enhance each other real estate abilities.

The events organized by the NPN Committee are opened to all members of NBREA.

Interested? All members are welcome to sign up to the New Professionals Network’s mailing list.