Creating the New Act

Legislation Modernization:
It’s Time to Act

Process: Modernizing our Act

Updating NBREA’s Act is a major project, and not one that can be accomplished overnight. What’s involved?

Our process has included engaging a Legislative & By-Law Advisory Group, including independent legal counsel, to: 1) research legislation in place with real estate regulators across Canada, 2) examine best-practice research in place with other professional associations, and 3) gather feedback and input from members across the province. ​

Key Findings

Our Act must be modernized to allow policies and bylaws that are more adaptable under a Board of Directors governance structure to allow our profession to be responsive to evolution and change.​

​Project Steps​


Create a set of Bylaws that supplement and further define the proposed Act​.


Create policies that address grey areas and are responsive to evolution and change​.


Finalize a complete package for presentation to the membership​ through focus groups, membership meetings, and on NBREA’s public website. Incorporate member input and feedback into a final draft.


Drafting a Private Bill and beginning the process to get the modernized Act approved and turned into Law. Scroll down to learn more about that process.

What have our Members Told Us?

REALTORS® who engage in improper practices – whether that’s due to a lack of ethics or understanding – must be swiftly taken to task to protect the public and the overall reputation of our profession.

Process: Getting the New Act Approved

The Act will ultimately become a private Bill that is destined to become law. As such, there are several official steps involved. A detailed primer on how a Bill becomes law can be found on the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick’s official website (scroll down to find The Procedure for a Private Bill). In summary, however, here is how our Act will go from the draf stage to getting Royal Assent and becoming law:

Step 1

NBREA develops and drafts a Private Bill

Step 2

NBREA publishes a public Notice in the Royal Gazette and in a public newspaper

Step 3

NBREA finds an MLA to sponsor the Bill

Step 4

The Bill is filed with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

Step 5

The Bill is introduced for a first reading

Step 6

The Bill is referred to the Standing Committee for Private Bills

Step 7

The Bill is presented, with any required amendments, for second and third readings

Step 8

The Bill received Royal Assent and becomes Law

What have our Members Told Us?

NBREA is the heart of what we do. They keep us updated on our professional standards and mandatory education. We need NBREA to keep on top of changes so we can get the training we need to stay on top of those changes.

The Little Blue House, NBREA’s official podcast, tackles topics of relevance to REALTORS® and the real estate market in New Brunswick. Check out this episode on our plans to modernize our Act.